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Mechanical 2D and 3D Design

  • creating 2D engineering drawings, 2D/3D assembly drawings, 3D part modelling ,3D part assemblies, surfacing, sheet metal, weldments, animation and rendering
  • Problem solving solutions, optimizing the design and material to reduce the cost by up to 30%, depending on the customers requirements.
  • Designing Cutting tools to improve the product manufacturing
  • Designing of jigs and fixture for a huge range of machines in the manufacturing industry, for example lifting devices for cranes, CNC machining centres and lathes jigs, CMM fixtures, hydraulic testing jig, welding and robotic welding jigs...
  • Designing of work holding devices for the manufacturing industry including Robot lifting arms and Addon, Manual and hydraulic clamping devices from vice jaws right the way though to a machining jig with a hydraulic clamp system built in to it ..
  • Designing Plastic Injection Molding mold’s that can be machined or 3d printed

Component and Assembly Simulation Testing

  • Primarily FEA, CFD, MBD i.e flow analysis, vibration analysis, structural simulation, interference and collision analysis, structural part and assembly analysis, and environmental impact analysis.

3D Printing

  • In September 2018 purchased an Industrial 3D printer to offer my clients the option to have a prototype of their design printed. Offering a wide range of materials for every application , Our professional 3D printer can offer a large capacity of up to 300 x 300 x 300mm, it can produce superior part quality with an unmatched layer resolution of 0.01mm layer height and dimensional accuracy. With this printer I can offer a number of different services, including
  • Rapid Prototyping to verify the design at a more cost effective method then machined prototypes
  • Mold design for the Injection Molding industry
  • Unique profile designs for clamping devices and fixtures in the manufacturing industry

CNC and CADCAM Programming

  • CADCAM Programming for Milling, Turning and Multi axis complex machining
  • Optimizing Speeds and Feeds, Program, Tooling and Insert grades
  • Programming for complex Injection molding jigs
  • Programming for machining jigs, fixtures, clamp and work holding devices

Plus we offer many more applications and services because here at A Wright Design we love a challenge so whatever your project we will tailor our services to suit your needs.

So if you have a great idea, we have the knowledge and experience to produce that idea and bring it to life. So please don't hesitate to contact us because we will always be happy to help

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